Sqwincher® understands the importance of providing electrolyte replenishment choices to fit a variety of lifestyles and dietary preferences. Staying hydrated isn’t a once in a while thing. It’s an all-day, every day necessity for everyone—especially in healthcare settings.

Hydration solutions are not always easy to administer or maintain in these settings. Sqwincher®, backed by 40+ years of electrolyte innovation, offers three unique formulas to meet the needs of diverse individuals. For your convenience, Sqwincher® is available in liquid or powder form in a diverse portfolio of options: ready-to-drink, single-serve, freezer pops, and bulk mixes.

Innovation never ceases. Sqwincher® is excited to expand its latest electrolyte endeavors with the exceptional Thick-It® brand by offering you even more hydration solutions – we call it HydrationCare360™! When we say “for everyone”, this includes those with swallowing disorders or modified diets who need their electrolytes also.

The HydrationCare360™ solution brought to you by Sqwincher® and Thick-It® is a full-circle perspective on the importance of hydration and its role in all aspects of health. We are proud to offer safe and reliable thickened beverages combined with great tasting electrolyte formulas for all day, every day hydration for everyone.

Clear Advantage® Thickened Water + Sugar Free, Low Calorie Sqwincher® Qwik Stik® ZERO Combo Pack

Available in International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI)-compliant mildly thick and moderately thick formulas, Clear Advantage® Thickened Water offers pure hydration without added lemon flavor or artificial sweeteners. Now, the pre-thickened water you know and trust is available in a combo pack with sugar-free, low-calorie Sqwincher® Qwik Stik® ZERO in two great tasting flavors. Simply mix the Sqwincher® powder with Clear Advantage® thickened water to add hydrating electrolytes without adding sugar.

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Learn more about Thick-It® hydration products and dysphagia at Thick-It.com.

Did you know that the human adult body is up to 60% water1? Staying well hydrated can be a challenge for almost anyone, but it’s especially true for people with swallowing difficulties. At least one in five older adults in long-term care has dehydration due to not drinking enough fluids2, making it a real danger that must be proactively avoided. A body water loss of 1-2% can impair cognitive performance3.

Left untreated, dehydration can limit the body’s ability to fight infections, and lead to kidney failure, seizure, or even death4.

Water makes up 79% of our muscles and 73% of our brains1. It’s like oil in a car engine. When you keep your body properly nourished with beverage choices like Thick-It® Clear Advantage® Ready-to Drink thickened water mixed with Sqwincher® Qwik Stik® ZERO sugar-free, low-calorie, your body can function well and feel at its best.

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