40 Plus Years of
Hydration History

Founded in Columbus, MS, in 1975 The Sqwincher® Corporation spent the next 40 years primarily focusing in the industrial market.

Sqwincher® was acquired in 2015 by KENT Corporation with the purpose of growing our core industrial presence while at the same time, gaining retail and e-commerce placement.

Our dedication to providing quality hydration products and convenient, innovative and economical packaging made us “The Drink of Industry®”. We learned from our industrial faithful that no two individuals are alike and everyone needs hydration solutions that fit their unique lifestyle.




Our hydration solutions contain a balanced source of sodium & potassium – key electrolytes necessary to hydrate the body.

Proper hydration means the fluid level in your body is where it should be…balanced. When you’re dehydrated, your fluid level is off, throwing you off balance. So how does your body keep this balance? With a lot of help from the brain and a process called homeostasis. Here’s how it works. Your body has a special receptor that detect the changes happening inside of you.

When the body perspires it loses key electrolytes that water alone doesn’t contain. Electrolytes your body needs to keep it stable and functioning properly. That’s where Sqwincher® comes in. Sqwincher® hydration solutions quickly replace lost fluids containing sodium & potassium, key electrolytes needed to keep the body hydrated, and exactly what your body needs to keep it working well and in tip-top shape.


Like any other working machine, your body needs fuel to operate. Whether you’re breaking a sweat or taking a break, there are parts of you that are always tapping into your fuel supply.

Here’s what we mean. During work or exercise, your body burns energy and keeps itself cool through perspiration, causing you to lose important fluids and nutrients that keep it in balance. You start notice a lack of energy and as you keep pushing yourself to the extreme, you might even experience dizziness and fatigue. Even taking a rest break, your nerves are still firing and your heart is beating away, tapping into your reserves disturbing your hydration levels.

When your body burns calories and perspires, reserves need to be filled up again. Because plain water doesn’t contain electrolytes, Sqwincher® hydration solutions are the ideal answer. They’ll replace these essential electrolytes, helping to maximize body productivity, increase performance and keep your muscles from giving up.


You know the important role your body plays at work, but your brain also has a lot to do with how you perform on the job.

Your brain is what allows you to maintain focus, and focus is crucial for maximizing efficiency and improving the quality of your work. Remember, your brain is 85% water and needs twice as much energy as other cells in the body. Water and other fluids like Sqwincher® give your brain the electrical energy for all brain functions, including thought, memory and nerve processes.

Concentration is key, and the way to keep your brain focused is to stay hydrated and avoid the dangerous effects that occur from dehydration. Dehydration impacts your short-term memory, visuomotor (coordination of movement and visual perception) and psychomotor (movement in conscious mental activity) functioning. Staying hydrated with Sqwincher® products will make sure your brain has the key electrolytes needed to help stay focused on the task at hand, maintain hand-eye coordination and think on your feet.