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Dan Knapek – Cancer Caregiver

African American worker leaning on forklift

I purchased some Sqweeze freeze pops for my mother-in-law, who is battling cancer. She was regularly having to be admitted to the hospital due to de-hydration but I just wanted you to know that after she received the freeze pops, … More

Major League Bowhunter


We all drink bottled water at work, right? Add this little bottle of Sqwincher Beverage Enhancer to your desk necessities. One little bottle will flavor 24 bottles of water! We like Strawberry Lemonade. It tastes great, increases hydration, restores, and … More

Jaime T. – Store Manager

Jaime T. - Store Manager

I manage a large chain store, and part of what we do involves spending lots of time in a hot warehouse doing inventory and moving products. I’d heard of Sqwincher being used in factory environments, and recently started using it … More

Kallie C. – Landscape Architect

Kallie C. - Landscape Architect

I used to live off of iced tea full of sugar, but when I went in for my last checkup I found out I was pre-diabetic. I knew I had to change my life, and I decided the iced tea … More

Mike D. – Pee Wee Football Coach & Dad

Mike D. - Pee Wee Football Coach

I was having a hard time keeping the kids hydrated during practice. I saw the Sqwincher pops in a store while I was buying groceries, so I bought a box for the next game to see if they would use … More

Reggie I. – Construction Supervisor

Reggie I. - Construction Servisor

I’d heard about Sqwincher being used at several different sites around town, so when the heat hit this summer I thought I’d try it. I started out with the Liquid Concentrate to see if it helped my guys stay hydrated … More

Caroline A. – Mom, Runner

Caroline A. - Mom, Runner

I picked up running in an effort to lose the baby weight after my last child was born. I live in a hot climate, and it didn’t take me long to realize that water wasn’t going to cut it anymore. … More