Muscle preservation, isotonic composition, taste, and electrolytes are the four reasons why Sqwincher is the best line of activity drinks available. All Sqwincher products feature great taste in multiple flavors. Our drinks give you peak performance in any high-heat environment.


Sqwincher ZERO

Sugar free to get you through your life naturally. All Sqwincher ZERO products are sugar free, which makes them great for diabetics, or anyone else who is watching their sugar intake. You’ll lose the sugar, but you’ll keep the replenishment and great Sqwincher taste!

*All Sqwincher LITE products will be transitioning to Sqwincher ZERO brand. Still sugar free and zero calories!


Sqwincher ZERO

No calories. No sugar. Just great taste and electrolytes. Our optimally formulated drinks provide the hydration your body needs without filling you up.


Sqwincher Sqweeze

NEW Sqweeze for 2014!

Sqwincher Sqweeze ZERO in 2 new Sqweeze flavors: Fruit Punch and Tangerine Orange. Now you can get your favorite electrolyte freeze pops in a No Sugar, No Calorie treat. Still has the same cooling power and electrolyte replenishment you have grown to love.

Contact Sqwincher for more details.



Steady Shot®

Energy in one small package. Sqwincher Steady Shot products help you stay alert and focused throughout the day, no matter what your activity level is.


Electrolyte Chews

Sqwincher Electrolyte Chews in four awesome flavors: Orange, Wild Berry, Black Cherry and NEW Pink Lemonade.


Beverage Enhancer

Introducing Sqwincher Beverage Enhancer - Hydrate and Recharge the body with the perfect sugar free ELECTROLYTE BEVERAGE concentrate! NO SUGAR, NO CALORIES…no worries!  Each bottle yields 24 eight ounce servings.

Currently available in 2 great tasting flavors: Fruit Punch & Strawberry Lemonade.


Hot Stik

Reach for Sqwincher Hot Stiks for your cold weather remedy and replenish electrolytes while warming the core.