Sqwincher Sqweeze Pops

Sqwincher Sqweeze Pops

Cool down your thirst with Sqwincher Sqweeze pops. These pops make great treats for kids and adults, while replacing electrolytes needed to keep you hydrated. Available in an assorted pack of five great tasting Sqwincher flavors.


  • Assorted
  • Pink Lemonade

Product Details

The great taste and performance of Sqwincher, available in a tasty frozen treat. Reduce core body temperature with Sqwincher’s scientifically developed formulation that is absorbed into the body at a significantly faster rate than water, allowing the body to replenish the electrolytes and minerals needed for proper rehydration.

  • Easy to eat freezer pops that keep you cool to the core even in the hottest weather.
  • All the benefits of a Sqwincher drink in a handy freezer pop.
  • Ideal for kids, youth and adults.
  • Great for sporting and industrial use.

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