Sqwincher ZERO Fast Pack®

Sqwincher ZERO Fast Pack®

Sugar free convenience. We’ll even provide the cup for free. Using our fast pack means that you’ll never have to hunt for a delicious sugar free drink option again. Just add water to the fill line and you’ll have a healthy and flavorful drink.


  • Fruit Punch Lite
  • Orange Lite

Product Details

A great way to offer multiple flavors without mixing. Just add water to the pouch and enjoy.

  • Get your Sqwincher on the go. Each pack contains one single serving of electrolytes, energy, and great taste.
  • Find a fountain and you’re ready to go. The package doubles as a drinking cup.
  • Available in all the great tasting Sqwincher flavors shown above.
  • Sugar free – calorie free to support your health needs.

View Fast Pack® ZERO specifications:

Fruit Punch, download image
Orange, download image