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Heat In The Industrial Workplace

Terrry Houlihan, managing director of Australian Heat Control Industries speaks about the dangers, causes and methods of dealing with the heat on the modern industrial workforce.

Heat stress management is increasingly becoming a more important issue in many industrial workplaces. Not only are the effects of heat stress a risk to the health and well-being of the employee, it can be a contributing factor to increased accidents and lower productivity in the workplace.

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Battling Heat Stress

Heat-stress is commonly associated with warm weather. It’s true that warm weather increases the number of heat-stress injuries and illnesses. Warm weather is not the only cause of heat stress, though. Heat-stress can occur any time the surrounding temperature is elevated. Even if the weather is cool, you may work in warm areas, indoors or out. Be alert for conditions which could cause heat stress and take precautions to prevent it. Hot conditions put your body under a lot of stress. Physical activity stresses the body even more.

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Occupational Health & Safety Publishes Article On Heat Illness, Regulations, & Prevention Strategies

The March 2011 issue of Occupational Health & Safety ( included an excellent article by Cindy Horbrook that covers some important aspects concerning heat related illnesses, U.S. based workplace regulations, and best practices when it comes to prevention strategies.

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Heat Stress Prevention In The Workplace days, successful industries work stringently to stay OSHA compliant, and the majority of companies have effective safety programs in place that have proven to be beneficial to both the company and their employees. For the most part, these companies have succeeded in taking a stand to reduce overall lost time accidents and improve worker safety conditions. But, sometimes even the most effective safety program will overlook critical areas such how to handle seasonal issues such as heat stress. Many safety concerns workers face will occur due to heat stress or worker fatigue, two factors commonly seen throughout industry, especially this time of year.

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Head Off Heat Stress

Sqwincher Activity DrinkEven the most effective safety program may overlook how to handle the seasonal concern of heat stress. Typically, employees with occupations that routinely place them in hot environments find themselves subject to heat stress problems more often than those with less severe duties. In environments where an employee is continually subjected to extreme temperatures, he is more likely to experience a reduction in work performance or encounter bodily reactions related to heat stress.

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