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OSHA statistics involving Heat Related Deaths:


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Electrolytes?

So What Exactly Are Electrolytes? Technically, an electrolyte is any substance containing free ions that make the substance electrically conducive. Unfortunately, when you explain it that way it doesn’t help you understand why you need them (or quite frankly, want … More

Why Taste Is Important

Taste Makes You Healthy. Many people believe that when it comes to drinks that support a high level of activity, taste is a secondary issue. At Sqwincher, we believe that our drinks should taste great because great taste is part … More

How Sqwincher Keeps Muscles Strong

Do you know that you could be hurting your muscles by drinking water when you exercise? Sqwincher explains the science behind strong muscles and activity drinks, and why it matters to you. What Happens When I Sweat? It’s an unavoidable … More

What is Isotonic?

Find out why isotonics are important, and what an isotonic drink can do for your body. Sqwincher demystifies the science behind our products for you… What Does Isotonic Mean, and Why Does It Matter? Lots of companies talk about isotonic … More