Battling Heat Stress

Heat-stress is commonly associated with warm weather. It’s true that warm weather increases the number of heat-stress injuries and illnesses. Warm weather is not the only cause of heat stress, though. Heat-stress can occur any time the surrounding temperature is elevated. Even if the weather is cool, you may work in warm areas, indoors or out. Be alert for conditions which could cause heat stress and take precautions to prevent it. Hot conditions put your body under a lot of stress. Physical activity stresses the body even more.

In industrial heat-stress environments, the body cools itself by perspiring. When this occurs, much more is lost than just water; magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium are also depleted. These minerals, or “electrolytes,” are crucial to workers if they are to maintain healthy muscles and a productive energy level. Without electrolytes, workers become dehydrated and heat stress – or more serious injury – can be imminent.

We’ve all seen the commercials where professional athletes guzzle one beverage or another to keep on playing at their peak. While there is a significant amount of hype to get the viewer to try the product, it’s generally accepted that water alone cannot sufficiently replace electrolytes to prevent heat-stress. Pure water is absorbed slowly and cannot be retained in the extracellular cavity.

A product called Sqwincher, has been designed specifically for the work environment. Described as an Activity Drink, Sqwincher is an electrolyte replacement drink scientifically formulated to replace mineral salts and replenish fluids and sugars at optimal absorption rates which are depleted as a result of dehydration or through physical exertion.

A properly maintained program utilizing Sqwincher prevents or reduces the severity of heat stress disorders and provides a supplemental source of energy. Sqwincher also has half the sodium and almost twice the potassium compared to most other sports drinks used in industry and, gives workers the most effective electrolyte replacement drink available. In addition, Sqwincher delivers a significantly faster absorption rate, compared to water, within the first minute of consumption.

Sqwincher has served industrial workers since 1975. It’s the only electrolyte replacement drink specially created for the high heat-stress environment of the workplace. What’s more, Sqwincher has a solid track record of success directed against heat stress among industrial workers. And since many workers say they like the taste of Sqwincher better than other popular sports drinks or pure water, they’re more likely to use Sqwincher on a regular basis and protect themselves and your company against heat stress injury or accidents.

A university study shows workers consumed significantly greater quantities of Sqwincher than water. Palatability tests indicated that workers found Sqwincher to be significantly more pleasurable as a carbohydrate – electrolyte fluid replacement. As a fluid replacement while working, and as a pre- and post- work refreshment beverage, Sqwincher was overwhelmingly selected as the beverage of choice over four other commercially available carbohydrate beverages.

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